Gem 1.0, SemVer and Ruby 1.9.2 support dropped

Hi everyone,

Today, we've released localeapp gem 1.0 \o/

As we recently decided to properly stick to semantic versioning for our gem version numbering, this means that.. well... we broke something and are thus not 100% backward-compatible with previous versions.

Worry not, though! The breaking change we introduced is very unlikely to impact you (or if it does, please do something about it quickly): we officially dropped support for Ruby 1.9.2, which end-of-life was actually 1.5 years ago.

For the moment, the test suite is not passing in Ruby 1.9.2 but the code itself should be. But since we're not testing it against 1.9.2 anymore, please don't expect any miracle from the next versions: they will break at some point.

You may now include the localeapp gem with the following line in your Gemfile:

gem "localeapp", "~> 1.0"


Happy translating :-)