New Translation Workflow Feature

Yesterday we launched an update for our most requested feature - translation workflow.

Now, when viewing content inside Locale, each key has a status icon displayed next to it - complete or incomplete.

Translation workflow

Locale automatically updates this status when content is translated, but developers and translators can manually toggle the status of a key to indicate that something needs doing.

By default, empty translations have a status of incomplete and get completed when content is entered.  We've updated this logic so that deleting the content also sets the translation to incomplete.

Translations can also be marked as incomplete manually.  You might want to do this if you've made a change in the default locale and want to signal to translators that they should re-evaluate the content.

Translators might want to do this themselves to indicate that their changes are ready to be reviewed.

We hope you enjoy this new translation workflow feature.

Please give us your feedback and keep on telling us what you need so that we can prioritise our ongoing development of Locale.