Tigerlily's Secret Social Sauce

TigerlilyThe Tigerlily platform is a powerful social marketing solution.  It allows companies to manage their engagement strategies.

Tigerlily is used across the world to manage conversations and run effective campaigns.

Still in startup mode, the Tigerlily team are the independent young guns in a market already crowded with corporate incumbents like Buddy Media, now owned by Salesforce, and Wildfire, now owned by Google.

Why do Tigerlily think they can take on this established market and win? How do they differentiate themselves?

Damien FischettiDamien Fischetti, Digital Marketing Manager at Tigerlily explains:

As a startup, being agile is one of our key differentiators. We can afford to seek out and pursue new opportunities that older, more established companies might overlook. Targeting specific foreign market segments is one area where Tigerlily is taking the lead.

In order to reach new markets, Tigerlily needs to speak their languages - and they're using Locale to make that happen.

Damien continues:

We're developing a new site for Tigerlily incorporating a number of new languages. As a marketer, it's my job to write the original copy and get it professionally translated. Using Locale to achieve these tasks means we save a lot of development time, streamline the process and get to market more quickly.

As social communication increasingly tends towards hyper-local, Damien believes that their ability to localize quickly and accurately is a major competitive advantage - one that will increase with time.

Now that Locale enables localization based on language and region, Tigerlily can easily and independently target markets in Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese Portuguese, for example.

If you're looking for a platform to help maximise your social marketing strategy, check out Tigerlily.

If you're looking to quickly and authentically communicate in new markets, check out Locale.