45,264 Locales

language and region We just upgraded how locales are defined.

Instead of the 90 or so predefined locales we had previously, we now support 184 languages and 246 regions.

A locale is a combination of a language and a region, and you can now combine them in whatever way you need for your projects.

We're pretty sure that with 45,264 potential combinations, everyone will be able to create the locales they need!

Existing locales for existing projects haven't changed at all.  This new method of specifying locales is available when starting a new project or adding a new locale to an existing one.

For ISO standard lovers ..

Locales are now made of an ISO 639-1 language code and an optional ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 region code. Combined, we call this a BCP47 tag.

Language and region definitions now take place in the bcp47 gem, so check that out if you feel like contributing.