Ubilabs: Displaying store locations in your language

UbilocalUbilabs, the company behind Ubilocal, specialise in Google Map applications.

Their clients include Swiss Post, Deutsche Telekom and the German social business network XING.

Over the years, one particular client request kept cropping up again and again .. "We want an easy way of mapping our store and branch locations."

Last year, Ubilabs decided that it was the right time to develop a SaaS solution to address this market. Their goals were to make it super easy and fast to use, while being versatile enough to satisfy different use cases.

The solution: A recently launched Rails app called Ubilocal. It literally takes only minutes from sign-up to creating a store locator.

Product Manager, Michael Pletziger commented:

Locale really helped us develop Ubilocal as a multilingual web application. We tried different tools and methods to get control of our YAML files, but everything else was very frustrating to work with.  Locale is the first tool that actually worked – and is accepted both by developers and translators. It's really fast too.

Available initially in English and German, more languages will be added to Ubilocal as the product and market expand - something that Locale makes very easy.

If you want a simple application to map your store of branch locations, check out Ubilocal.

If you're tired of managing your Rails language files manually, check out Locale.