Tutor With Me - localization and faster development

TutorWithMeTutor With Me is a Rails platform connecting teachers, tutors, and trainers with students.

It facilitates the connection between those who want to learn and those who teach.

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Tutors can publicise their lesson plans, set their own rates and connect with students through a virtual classroom environment.

can find a tutor that fits their needs and budget, and can study from anywhere.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Tutor With Me was founded in 2011, and conceived as a multi-lingual platform from the start.

However, localization quickly became difficult to manage - particularly in the early stages of app development when localization significantly slowed progress.

In early 2012, the Tutor With Me development team began to use Locale to solve the problems associated with multi-language support and content management.

Andrew Gardener, Tutor With Me co-founder & director of development explains:

Locale is a powerful tool that made it possible for us to organize and manage content more efficiently. Since we plan to offer our services in multiple languages in the near future, Locale makes the whole process easier, and allows our translators to work in an user-friendly environment.

If you'd like to offer online tutoring at your own rates or need help with a certain topic, check out Tutor With Me.

If localization is hampering your Rails development progress, check out Locale.