Locale now live

The private beta of Locale began almost 12 months ago, followed by a public beta 3 months later.

This morning, Locale officially went live.  We've just closed the early-adopter offer and our full price plans are now in effect.

A massive thanks to everyone who supported Locale and signed up already.

If you've yet to sign up, we converted your beta account to our free plan.

As a translator or a developer there's no real difference. If you're a project owner ..

How to upgrade

  1. Sign in to your Locale account
  2. Visit the billing page
  3. Select the plan you need

You'll be able to set up a monthly credit card subscription which you can cancel at any time.

Maybe you don't need to pay for Locale at all?

Your free account gives you unlimited access as a developer, translator and owner of public projects. It's only if you own private projects which exceed the free plan limits that you need to pay.