Announcing Locale Pricing Plans

First off, thanks to every single one of you who signed up for Locale using our €10 Early Adopter plan. That's still available - but not for much longer.

We're happy to announce our full range of plans and prices - hopefully there's something for everyone there. If not,  sign in and get in touch using the help button.

How to upgrade

  1. Sign in to your Locale account
  2. Visit your profile page
  3. Select the billing tab
  4. Click the upgrade button

Maybe you don't need to pay for Locale at all?

Need a custom plan, or have questions?

Just sign in and get in touch using the help button.

What will happen on August 8th?

We'll apply the Free plan limits (500 keys, 2 locales) to all unpaid owner accounts.  If you own private projects which exceed those limits, please make sure you export your YAML before August 8th.