Azendoo: Getting more stuff done – in any language

AzendooAzendoo is a new breed of collaborative task and project management app. It allows organizations to increase productivity, align their teams and get things done.

Free for up to 10 users, Azendoo simplifies task management, project planning, document sharing and teamwork synchronization.

Azendoo has been designed to drastically reduce both the volume of email and the time needed to organize and maintain team tasks.

As a Rails app, Azendoo was designed to be multilingual, right from the start. The development and business teams at Azendoo manage every piece of text using Locale.


Support of English and French languages was part of the initial Azendoo launch, and other languages can easily be added, thanks to Locale.

Localizing Azendoo with Locale

Christophe Gagin, Azendoo co-founder & product manager, explains:

With Locale, even the less technical – but customer-facing – people can be involved and manage what our users see inside Azendoo. Our developers save time, and the whole process is smoother than managing content and translations by hand.

If you’re looking for a fresh way to manage your personal and professional workload, check out Azendoo.

If you want to make your Rails app appeal to a multilingual audience, check out Locale.

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