Bang The Table: Localizing for new clients, boosting productivity

Bang The TableBang The Table helps governments consult and collaborate with their communities by taking the traditional “town-hall” style of engagement online.

They are the most experienced supplier of web-based community consultation services in Australasia having worked with more government agencies at local, state and national level than all of their competitors combined.

Bang The Table’s community consultation platform, EngagementHQ, is a high-profile, high-availability Rails SaaS that enables collaborative learning, discussion, and debate.

Founded in 2007, Bang The Table now has more than 150 customers, and has consulted on over 500 projects.

The development team are currently in the process of linking EngagementHQ with Locale.

Engagement HQ

Technical Director at Bang The Table, Karthik Reddy says

We have two goals for Locale. First, we want the business team to be able to edit text in the app without getting a developer involved. Second, we want to translate the app into a lot of other languages.

Reddy has devised a view of the app he calls translator mode. When one of the business team enter this view, every snippet of text in the app is linked directly to Locale where it can be edited.

Thanks to Locale’s Ruby gem, these text changes are automatically pushed back to the app in near real-time, so that the business team can edit and instantly preview the changed text.

In addition to simplifying content management, Bang The Table are also using Locale to add French-language support for their clients in Canada.  Reddy continues:

Being able to do all this without developer involvement is a win for everyone involved. It means that both our developers and business team can be more productive.

If you’re looking to move your community engagement online, check out Bang The Table.

If you want to localize your Rails app and help make your developers and business team more productive, check out Locale.

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