Yaldo: Localizing Germany’s latest property portal

Yaldois a brand new holiday rental portal. It’s similar to Airbnb – except focused on the German holiday rental market

Yaldo provides a commission-free way for German landlords to advertise and rent out their properties

Yaldo aims to compete in this mature market with a freemium model, and by solving the problems of complexity and selection that confront both the landlord and the tourist

Although Yaldo went live just a few days ago, the site already has a portfolio of 135,000 properties. It has a slick minimal design and is, of course, built on Rails

Yaldo property photoNext year, Yaldo will be available in multiple languages, but its creators decided to localize their app from day one

They believe that, even with a single language, localizing Yaldo and using Locale to manage the translation content makes good operational sense

Till Felippi, director of Yaldo commented:

Locale is a great tool for managing our content. It means that the developers can concentrate on coding, and we can concentrate on writing. Locale is the fastest and most productive way for Rails developers and content writers to collaborate.

In 2013, Yaldo will expand to include French, Italian and Spanish languages. Till believes that the foundation they’re laying now by localizing from the start will set them up well for growth.

Translating the user-generated content presents different challenges. Yaldo believes that German landlords will use a mix of machine and human translation to prepare their property adverts in multiple languages. Yaldo will provide their clients with the tools they need to achieve this within the application.

If you’re looking for a simple way to find holiday rental property in Germany, check out Yaldo.de

If you’re building a Rails app, localize it from day one with Locale.

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