Locale hints and tips

Keyboard shortcuts

Type ? to see what you can do.

Finding keys and translations

You can search for a key name or a snippet of translated text. If you use Alfred or some other app launcher you could setup a template something like this:


More information

Check out the Locale github wiki

There are two ways to get started using Locale:

  1. Upload your YAML files
  2. Install the Locale gem which will automatically synchronise your YAML files

There are two kinds of projects:

  1. Anyone can view and download public projects. If you sign-in with a github account, you’ll also be able to edit and contribute.
  2. As the owner of a private project, only the people you invite can collaborate on it. You can invite people as developers or translators.

We include some standard library translations

When you create a project, we automatically add the Rails library. You can remove this or add other standard translations in Settings > Library.

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