Locale Beta V2

A new release of Locale has just gone live - here are the highlights.

If you spot any problems, don't hesitate to contact us - the support links are inside your Locale account.

Improved UI

The new project dashboard crams a lot of information into a small space without being crowded or confusing.

Locale project dashboard

Library support

The biggest complaint we had with the previous version of Locale was related to the way we handled base translations for Rails. We've now made the process of including those translations an explicit process - by creating libraries.

Libraries clear up one big confusion people had when they first imported a project into Locale - "missing" Rails translations. They weren't actually missing, we just didn't show them if they hadn't been changed from the default. They're now fully visible so you can get 100% completion for each locale.

To start with there are just two libraries - the regular Rails i18n library and a list of countries.


We'll be adding to this collection, so if you want a particular library added - don't hesitate to let us know.

The advantage of libraries is that it saves you having to reinvent the wheel and re-translate a whole bunch of stuff that most Rails developers need translated.

In time, we'll make these library projects public so that developers and translators can collaborate on making their libraries available in more and more languages.

Improved Pluralisation

We've taken a first pass as combining multiple keys related to a pluralised string. For now that involves using YAML, but we'll be improving that interface soon.

Here's an example of a pluralised key from the Rails i18n library.


We'd appreciate your feedback about these new features - and any new stuff you need Locale to be doing for your localised Rails apps.