Translation technology interchange standards from GALA

GALA, (Globalization and Localization Association) is now hosting technical documents from the now-defunct LISA (Localization Industry Standards Association).

The documents describe how different localisation companies and technologies can interact through a standard set of documented processes.  These are required because the industry is so fragmented and specialised that it's impossible for a single company or technology to address every localisation need.

These kind of standards allow niche companies to serve their target market while communicating via standard interfaces to others who solve a different part of the puzzle.

There are five documented areas:

  1. Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) - An open XML standard for the exchange of translation memory data created by computer-aided translation and localisation tools
  2. Term Base eXchange (TBX) - An open, XML based standard for exchanging structured terminological data.
  3. Segmentation Rules eXchange (SRX) - A way to describe how to segment text for translation and other language-related processes
  4. Global information management Metrics eXchange – Volume (GMX-V) - A word and character count standard for electronic documents
  5. XML Text Memory (xml:tm) - An XML to allow ease of translation of XML documents
As a soon-to-be  player in the localisation industry, we're keeping an eye on these standards for LocaleApp, and implementing them when and where we can.