LocaleApp Moved to New Servers

LocaleApp server clusterEarlier this week, we transferred the LocaleApp service from Heroku to our own server cluster. We expected to be using LocaleApp to localise Kyero.com by now but we’ve run in to a couple of snags.

This has inevitably delayed us launching the initial beta of LocaleApp and, the knock-on effect of this is that we’ve chosen to delay it until the other side of the summer holidays.

This will allow us to get rid of the most obvious and annoying bugs early on without trying the patience of our first beta testers. We expect to be using LocaleApp to manage the localisation files for Kyero.com over the next couple of weeks.

We’ll launch the private beta test on August 23rd. Yep, we’re committing to a date. Come hell or high water, that’s when you’ll get access to it.

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