How to migrate Copycopter blurbs to Locale

With Copycopter shutting down on April 15th, how will you manage your blurbs if you don’t want to go back to hand-editing YAML files?

The good news is that there’s a painless and free method of exporting blurbs from Copycopter and importing them to another service – Locale.

Free? Really?

Locale is still in beta – and still completely free to use.

That doesn’t mean it’s flaky and unreliable (it’s running on this cluster of servers, for example), but we’re focused on building out its feature set rather than deliberating over a pricing model.

So that you know we won’t sting you when we do start charging, worst case, we’ll offer similar pricing and features to Copycopter ($9 – $49/month) to all Locale beta users.

How to move your projects from Copycopter to Locale

  1. Create a Locale account and a new project
  2. Uninstall the Copycopter gem from your app and delete `config/initializers/copycopter.rb`
  3. Install and configure the `localeapp gem`
  4. Push your translation files to Locale with `bundle exec localeapp push`

Can Locale do everything that Copycopter does?

Almost. We’re missing the facility right now to have draft and published blurbs – but it’s a feature we will have soon. Aside from that, we think you’ll love using Locale – especially if you’re managing projects with multiple locales.

Is Locale easy to use?

Absolutely. Locale and Copycopter are completely different apps, so the interfaces are different – but we think you’ll enjoy using Locale. We’ve had some great feedback about the UI and we’re still pouring our hearts, souls and development effort into perfecting it.

Will I be tied-in to using Locale?

No. There’s a YAML export from Locale too. You always own your content and we even include YAML for a growing list of apps and gems such as Devise.

Who else is using Locale

There are currently around 500 projects of all sizes using Locale. We use it on one of our own apps – a busy Spanish property portal – to localise it into 9 languages. Here’s what people are saying about Locale on twitter:












Got a question, or need more info?

  1. Locale on Github
  2. Github wiki
  3. You can chat with us directly when you’re signed in to Locale
  4. You can email us at info (at)
  5. Twitter @localeapp
  6. .. or leave a reply
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  1. Aaron Jensen says:

    Shouldn’t there be some steps about exporting yml from copycopter or something so that the latest stuff gets pushed? This guide doesn’t seem complete…

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