A busy week with the Locale private beta

First off, a huge thanks to everyone who helped us with the first round of debugging for Locale. ┬áIt’s been an incredibly busy week, and here are the bugs and features we’ve taken care of so far:

  • Empty translations shouldn’t be submitted when tabbing through interface
  • Fix unexpected behaviour navigating after a search
  • Move intercomapp support link
  • Fix search term/input in the sidebar to have a “X” link to clear that option
  • Improve delete project options
  • Keys with a “markdown” suffix not being flagged as multiline on creation
  • Check that import doesn’t determine language from the file name
  • Add a message and text to results pages without results
  • Url escape translation key names when browsing the hierarchy
  • Give users a way of editing the project name

We’ve got 11 more bugs and features to handle this week and then we’ll be sending out a fresh round of invites to more beta testers.

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